Countdown Till Asia Conference:D
Sunday, May 16, 2010, 7:20 AM
I know its ytd's news...But i still wanna tell you guys tat, I made it through the choir audition....HAHA, Praise The Lord!!!

Also, two weeks later, it will be Asia Conference. I'm so excited about it....Although it's going to be tiring, But I think it's going to be worth it....*Juswin is performing on the first day during AC...The Parade Of School Competition....So let's get ready to cheer for him on tat day....

Tat's All:D

Overcoming Low-self esteem
Monday, March 22, 2010, 7:21 AM
It is no secret that i had been suffering from low self-esteem for almost 2 to 3 years...And during these time, it was like going through hell :c Whenever i saw ppl on the streets, i would lower down my head or use my hands to block my face, because i dun want anyone to see me....And sometimes, i would be scared of looking through the mirror coz i'm too ugly....Also, when i went to toliet, i would switch off the lights and bath in the dark...cos i'm afraid tat when i switch on the lights, i would see my ugly self-image....I thought tat i would eventually overcome from it, but it just got worst...There is even a time when i refuse to go out and i stay at home for almost weeks....expect for schooling....other than tat, i would stay home and hide myself in the room...

But after going to church and came to know God, And from there, i being to overcome my low-self esteem.... Although it takes time, but i have improved from it....And Tomorrow, i'll prove to myself tat i can do great things with God as i take part in the choir audition....In Choir, you'll have to meet ppl and to sing infront of the congregation during, choir is the perfect ministry to let me overcome my low-self esteem....

Matt 21:22 "And Whatever Things you ask in prayer, believing it, you shall received...."Amen:D

Friday, March 12, 2010, 7:45 PM
Finally, after months of absence....I'm back!!!HAHA!!!

Over the course of six months, a LOT of things happened....Both church and school...First, let's talk about school....Finally, graduated from Canberra Sec..."Sayonara"!!!


Coming in 2 weeks time, there will be another Choir Audition....It's going to be around late March...This time, i'm going to Conquer it....HAHA...Alright, tat's all....

We are in the "90th Min"!
Wednesday, September 23, 2009, 8:05 AM
In football, the duration of the match will last approximately 90 minutes....Usually, the players will have either one of these two reactions....Either they will be slacking, waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle, OR....continue to tackle for the ball to win the possesion and try to grab a goal....In recent memories, we witness a few dramatic comeback win during the 90th min....For example, Manchester United, winning the champions league 1999 with two late goals....courtesy of Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer....This is to be remembered as one of the most dramatic comeback wins in football history....You imagine, if the players of Man Utd doesn't produce the kind of hunger and desire for a win, then they may not have been the European Champions in 1999...."The Never Said Die Attitude"!!! Even it is the 90th min....

Now, in regards of 'O' Level exam, we are in the 90th min as well....Some of them may seems to lose hope of getting a good result in this major exam....They feel that time is against them....But there is still a portion of people, who believe that they can make a difference in the space of one month....All i wanted to said is, We can make a difference if we want to....!!! It's never too late for anything....I believe that if we do our best in these 28 days, God will do the rest....At the very least, when you get the result of ur 'O'level exam, you can safely said that "I Have Done My Best And I Have No Regrets"!!!

Last but not least, i just wanna wish the 5Na Students, All The Best For ur exam....

Latest Post...
Sunday, September 6, 2009, 5:00 AM
OMG....Time really flies....It's been a couple of months since i've blogged...HAHA

These few weeks had been really tiring...Coz, it's our prelim exam...yea, but it's over now...and these two months before our 'O' level will be crucial....

Ytd, i was fellowshipping with weishan, hui han, hwee long, johnson, eleanore, Timo and the loving couple...Who else, Juswin and Cherryl....We had fun during our bus ride...We were chatting and joking among ourselves....LOL!!!

I've got a new haircut...COST ME 16 DOLLARS LEH....I PORK LIAO LA....
PORK = Broke in hokkien....LOL
But, they always sae in chinese, "Yi fen qian, yi fen huo".....SO, i dun mind....At the very least, i'm very happy with my new hairstyle....YEA....LOL

My result so far....
Monday, June 1, 2009, 9:11 AM
Come to think of it, i have spent a total of 10 years studying from Primary School till Secondary School. I jus wanna do a quick review on my results for these past 10 years....LOL:D

First year, 1999
Ahmad Ibrahim Pri School
Mdm Josephine Hanley
Pri 1.5

English 59 Grade 3
Chinese 74 Grade 2
Maths 53 Grade 3

Comment : This is my worst pri school experience ever....I'm so scared of Mdm Hanley. She would keep scolding me. But, she's a great teacher....

Second year, 2000
Canberra Pri School
Miss Png Chiew Peng
Pri 2.1

English 68 Grade 3
Chinese 72 Grade 2
Maths 73 Grade 2
Health Education Grade 3

Comment : My favorite teacher of all time...Miss Png:D The reason that i transferred to Canberra Pri was because i was moving house at that time.

LOL....i feel sleepy....i will continue tml....HAHA:D

Sunday, May 24, 2009, 6:42 AM
I came across this song, it's about frendship....From "Liang Po Po : The Movie"!

Lyrics*Translate From Chinese*
I Don't Know If This Is Right Or Wrong
Making Friends Should Not Be A Crime
Who Are You? Man Or Spirit?
There's No Meaning For Friendship If You Think Too Much

I'm Still Fumbling Around
There's Only A Thin Line Between Good And Bad
Who's To Say What's Right Or Wrong
All I Want Is The Comfort Of Friendship

How Can You Live Long If You Think So Much
Sometimes You Should Let Things Be
For The Sake Of Friendship
Just Don't Ask Me Why I'm Doing This....
Repeat, End...:D